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A revolution in the incentive market

Do you know the situation: You would like to motivate your sales organization to perform at its best with an incentive, but do not want to spend a huge budget, neither for a service provider nor for the time-consuming programming of a website?

Our portal offers you the perfect solution for this task! There you will find 16 different gamification-oriented incentive product apps. These are pre-programmed websites that you can easily configure yourself and thus operate extremely inexpensively. Without contract periods, programming effort and agency costs. Can be used immediately & highly effective.

From new customer incentives to target achievement competitions, team incentives, bonus programs and classic rewards shops, everything is included to motivate your sales team and achieve your corporate goals. You decide how long your incentive will run, who will take part, who will win and how much there is to be won. Everything is very convenient and transparent.

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