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For us, employee motivation is much more than handing over vouchers or money every month.

For us, living appreciation is one of the key success factors for greater employee satisfaction and employee loyalty.We have developed the HeartPoints application for this, a smart tool with which you can make tax-free benefits in kind valuable, integrate appreciation into everyday management and promote team spirit.

The benefits of HeartPoints

HeartPoints is next level appreciation. With this tool you can

1.) Respond to the needs of your employees with the monthly 50 € non-cash benefit in a company rewards shop and enable an exclusive variety of non-cash benefits. As a legally secure alternative to money and vouchers. Over 5,000 items. There is something for everyone.

2.) With the team spirit tool – employees say thank you to employees, strengthen the sense of unity in your company and enable thanks and rewards within your teams. Transparent, fair and effective.

3.) Build an appreciation culture with the recognition tool for executives by giving praise and recognition to executives in a controlled and effective way. Ease of use, budget control and success measurement.

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