Employees reward employees

The second pillar of the HeartPoints Application: Real appreciation has a positive influence on employee satisfaction and commitment. But appreciation is not just a job for managers.

This is where the HeartPoints Team Spirit Tool comes in:
This module enables you to promote a thank you and recognition culture within the workforce – because employees can reward colleagues.

With HeartPoints, employees value colleagues and say thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

That’s how it works:
With the team spirit tool, employees can say thank you and send HeartPoints to colleagues. Every employee has a point budget from which he can say thank you to other colleagues.

In the HeartPoints application, employees can send HeartPoints and a personal thank you text to their colleague.

The budget management and an integrated approval process are automatically mapped via the application.

You will receive all relevant tax information for your internal accounting purposes. This means that your HR department and your payroll department have the least possible effort.

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