Tax-optimized benefit rewards-shop

Tax-optimized employee retention – staff loyalty can be fun!

The first pillar of our HeartPoints Applications is a company rewards shop for monthly benefits for your employees. A company rewards shop is also recommended from 2022 because the demarcation of cash benefits and vouchers as tax-free benefits has been tightened enormously.

A company rewards shop, on the other hand, meets all the criteria of Section 2 (1) No. 10a or 10b ZAG or the requirements of the BMF letter of April 13, 2021.
By the way, the monthly exemption limit was also increased from 44 to 50 euros from January 1, 2022.

This is how it works:
Each of your employees has access to your company’s rewards shop. There he has an account to which the monthly 50 € tax-free benefits are credited in the form of HeartPoints.

Employees can collect their HeartPoints and then exchange them for a reward of their choice from the online catalog, which includes over 5,000 items. The portal and the shop are branded in your look and feel.

You automatically receive all relevant tax information for your internal accounting purposes. This means that your HR department and your payroll department have the least possible effort.
The HeartPoints and the rewards shop represent a secure and legally compliant monthly benefit system.

A physical reward has another advantage – on an emotional basis – compared to vouchers or cash benefits. In the case of a non-cash reward, the employee will always remember that he has received it from his employer. If, on the other hand, he buys something with a voucher (e.g. from Obi), he will always say that I got this thing from Obi …

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