What we offer

We offer a start-up atmosphere with excellent development opportunities and exciting projects. Our attitude is one of good humor, uncomplicated, imaginative and very pragmatic. We encourage self-initiative and the assumption of responsibility and love fast decisions.

We insist on a dynamic corporate culture with flat hierarchies. Together, we take control of our future, create an attractive work environment for ourselves and enthrall our clients with our work.

We want you to stay fit and happy and in addition to your salary we support sports activities such as gym memberships (e.g. with McFit near our offices or wherever you want), as well as yoga courses, badminton and much more). To keep everybody looking good and so that you don’t have to spend hours wondering what to wear, we also throw great clothes at you from time to time. The only dress codes we have are come-as-you-like or come-as-the-clients-like. So that everyone has some fun, in addition to the usual Christmas festivities, we occasionally dance up a storm at agency weekends and take trips wherever together. It doesn’t matter where we go, because wherever we are, there’s lots of fun and a great atmosphere. Nobody ever suffers thirst here, either: in addition to plenty of mineral water and coffee, on Friday afternoons at 4:00 the beer, sparkling wine and cider come out of the fridge. We discuss all the news and highlights of the past week and once a month we get together for pizza/salad. And one more thing….Christmas comes the whole year round at B&M, because you can also take advantage of our purchasing terms and conditions to buy great gifts for your loved ones or simply pamper yourself for a change.