What we want

Our vision

We see ourselves as an innovator in the B2B incentive market. We don’t want to merely implement projects and offer great prizes and perfect logistics, because that’s standard – all of our competitors offer the same thing. If our customers want it and give us permission to do it, we approach every task from the marketing/sales standpoint and think about how the sales performance of the participants can be improved. To do this, we look at what makes the people tick, what their needs are and what inspiring mechanisms exist and what we need to invent so that the participants will be motivated and passionately want to take part in the program.

We always try to do everything better. Better for our team. Better for each individual team member. Better for our clients. And better than our competitors.

We work hard to accomplish this. We are never satisfied with the status quo, but are always developing ourselves, our technology, our range of rewards and our services further. And we insist on getting off the beaten tracks. On the odd occasion that we can’t think up anything better, we scour the market until a better idea occurs to us.

We want to be a first-rate employer who offers each and every staff member a home, lots of laughs, satisfaction, freedom and perspectives.

What we really want to do is to establish a fantastic agency culture:
every member of the BuM family should be proud to be part of the family and say so everywhere.
And we want our clients to become our biggest fans – they should feel that we are passionate about them and enjoy doing cool stuff for them.

That also means that we are fully committed to ourselves and the projects we take on. We are reliable. Reliable for each other and for the client. One Bub and one Mädchen = one word.
However, we don’t want to sacrifice ourselves completely for the business. Rather, we try to establish, insofar as the projects permit this, an appropriate work/life balance. Because we know that there’s a beautiful, important life out there.