Who we are

Our team

We’d like to take this opportunity to provide you with a few details about us as a team from a completely objective and entirely unbiased standpoint without any exaggeration at all. This is, of course, totally confidential:

We are the sexiest, edgiest team ever! We party all day long, dance half-naked around our desks, play table soccer, bet on soccer matches and are thrilled with our own brilliance and ingenuity. Sometimes we swing on ropes, Tarzan-style, from one wing of the office to the next (where it’s always cooler is, of course), and then slide backwards down the banister to the warehouse, simply because the beer is colder down below and we can sit outside.  And we always pack Nerf heat so we can settle old grudges right away. The food here is fabulous too, super-healthy and balanced: we’re surrounded by genuine Chinese food (guaranteed with MSG), Mickey D’s, kebab shops, vegan chicken hearts and pork sausage – a regular smorgasbord!

We have a jogging group that meets on Wednesdays that in the meantime is spitting out the first extreme marathon runners, completely insane Excel fetishists, the wildest Sambuca dancers west of the Yangtze, and eccentric characters that like to dress up in drag under contract. Oh, and we are a shining example of diversity, with staff members from all over the world: Hesse, the Rhineland-Palatinate and other really faraway places, like Bavaria. And we speak in tongues all the time, in Hessian dialect, in German (east and west), or Italian at noon – oh, and English too, yes – I explain you all when we meet us.

Only the classiest girls and the coolest boys work here – real men, if you know what I mean. And the hierarchies are as flat as our humor – honest! Get ready to rumble and try not to put your foot in your mouth.

To make a long story short, we’ve got a seriously awesome team here!

Our story

When we decided in 2011 to found Buben & Mädchen, everyone told us we were crazy, wondering where we got the bright idea of founding yet another agency in a completely saturated incentive market (in the “old economy”, no less). All of the budgets had allegedly already been allocated and the market dominated by the long-established German and international players…

Many of us at BuM used to work together at a large service provider, where we were expected to develop standardized products that could be easily scaled and sell them to customers. That just wasn’t our thing, because we knew that every customer and every project are unique and require individual, specifically designed solutions to motivate participants successfully.

Thus, the decision was clear: Buben & Mädchen would go ahead. Our success and our many, many satisfied customers show that we were right. After just 4 years, we were among the top 3 providers in the German incentive program market and are by far the benchmark in Germany for everything involving incentive systems and portal technology for B2B bonus programs and incentive systems.

That’s success for you! “Focus” magazine said so. As the growth champion in 2015, Buben & Mädchen are one of the 500 most successful, fastest-growing companies in Germany (2011-2014)!  Not only that: we were hands-down No. 1 in our industry (agencies/service providers), and across all sectors No. 2 in Germany.
In 2016 as well, we are once again among the fastest-growing companies in Germany (2012-2015) – according to “Focus” magazine.

In 2016 we were also honored by Deloitte with the Technology Fast 50 Award, which is given to the fastest-growing companies in the technology industry. Deloitte honors companies that master the balance between growth and expansion as well as the adaptation of the organizational structures. The winners of the Technology Fast 50 Award build their basis for success on new technologies and are the fastest-growing companies in the IT, communications and life sciences industries.